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Quick Guide to Understanding Exchange vs. Study Abroad Programs


Exchange Programs: Pros

  • If you are looking for an immersion program, especially in non-English speaking countries, this is the best option.
  • Charged Truman tuition fees

Exchange Programs: Cons

  • Very competitive.
  • Must apply early.
  • For some programs the language of instruction is the language of the host country, therefore your level in the foreign language must be above third-year college level in that language.

Study Abroad Programs: Pros

  • With a few exceptions, study abroad programs can accommodate all qualified students applying to a given program.
  • Most programs in non-English speaking countries are accessible to the students regardless of their level in the language of the country.

Study Abroad Programs: Cons

  • All students on these programs – with a few exceptions – are U.S. or international students.
  • Cost is based on the cost at the host institution which is, in most cases, more expensive than at Truman.