Faculty-Led Programs

With a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program at Truman, your classroom is transformed by going abroad!
They are designed to combine the Truman professors, classmates, and academic excellence you’ve come to expect at TSU with immersive cultural experiences and unique field-based learning. As past students attest, the results are nothing short of life-changing!
Explore our programs below, reach out to course instructors to learn more about a program, or contact the study abroad office to help you get started.


Upcoming Faculty-Led Programs


Communication in Ireland



Communication Disorders in Mexico

beach scene in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Yucatan Immersion in Mexico

Winter interim 2024-25 MEX 360

Merida, Mexico


Conversation & Management of Large African Mammals

Go wild, AFR 300

South Africa


Spanish Language & Cultural Immersion

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Spanish immersion program Summer 2025

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Financial Aid

Affordability is one of Truman’s core values and there are several ways to make international study an affordable option, especially through our Faculty-led Programs. With the help of Truman’s academic scholarships, federal financial aid and other financial assistance, a study abroad experience may be more attainable than you think. This is an investment that will pay you dividends for years to come. Take a look below for information regarding various forms of financial aid available to Truman students studying abroad:

The Foundation awards over $90,000 every year to students studying abroad on faculty-led study abroad programs. Awards vary in amount from $1,000-$4,000, and are designed to help those with financial need to participate in these programs. The exact criteria for the scholarships awarded varies, but all scholarships require demonstrated need (student must have a current FAFSA on file) and the completion of the optional scholarship questions included in the study abroad program application.

Students who receive a Foundation Scholarship will also be expected to give one hour of service to the Study Abroad Office after the completion of their program. The Study Abroad Office will communicate with award recipients regarding opportunities to complete this hour of service that may include opportunities such as: volunteering at the study abroad fair, giving a presentation, meeting with a prospective student, sharing photos or pictures with the office, etc.

Some Pell Grant recipients may be able to receive grants towards programs with 3 credits or more. For programs of 6 credits or more, all students receiving FAFSA aid may be eligible to receive grants and/or loans through federal aid programs. In order to apply for and receive this aid, student must have a completed FAFSA on file and complete a Study Abroad Funding Sheet and return to the Study Abroad Office.
Students who are on track to graduate one semester early may apply to have one semester of their regular Truman Scholarships apply towards a faculty-led study abroad program. In order to do so, you must complete both a Study Abroad Scholarship Renewal Form and write a special letter of appeal explaining your plans (for guidance on this letter, please consult with the Financial Aid Office). Students should be sure to consult with the Financial Aid Office since there are some limitations on the ways that Truman Scholarships can apply to faculty-led study abroad trips. Students should also be aware that generally it is not possible to use Truman Scholarships during a May Interim or Summer term if this term will be the student’s last term before graduation.
Students who receive Pell Grants (full or partial) as a part of their regular federal aid qualify to apply for the Gilman Scholarship, a government sponsored program awarding scholarships of up to $4,000 to study abroad. To learn more about the Gilman Scholarship and to apply, visit their website here. Gilman Scholars are also required to complete post-program requirements that should be arranged with the Study Abroad Office.
Recipients of the Pershing Scholarship can be awarded up to $4000 towards a Truman faculty-led study abroad program, but they must complete the Pershing Scholarship to Study Abroad form and return it to the Study Abroad office in order to receive these funds.
In addition to the scholarships listed here, you may also wish to seek out additional scholarship sources beyond Truman State University. Each will have its own requirements and application process, but please be sure to communicate any expected awards to both the Financial Aid Office and the Study Abroad Office.

Payment Information

Faculty-Led Programs have a payment structure that differs from the regular billing students experience through Student Accounts in that payments are typically made prior to charges appearing on the student’s account. Therefore, rather than waiting for charges to appear, students will need to make payments according to the schedule listed on their program page. Please make arrangements to ensure that all payments for your program are made on time. You can make your payments through your online Truview account in the Student Account Suite (with the “eDeposits” option), by mailing a check, or processing your payment at the cashier window. Please allow several days after payment for changes to be reflected in TruView. If you anticipate any late payments, want to discuss alternate payment arrangements, or expect part of your program to be covered through Financial Aid, please contact Student Accounts as soon as possible to discuss your situation:

Student Accounts
McClain Hall 105
(660) 758-4074

Participant Cancellation and Refund Policies

Students wishing to withdraw from their program or withdraw an application must complete the on-line program withdrawal request form in order to make their withdrawal official. Students who withdraw from faculty-led programs on or before the commitment deadline are eligible to receive a full refund of any payments they have made regardless of the reason for their withdrawal. Students who withdraw after the Commitment Payment Deadline but on or before the Final Payment Deadline will not receive a refund of their Deposit or Confirmation Payment unless Truman State University cancels the program (see details in the Program Cancellation Policy below), however they will receive a refund of any payments made towards the Final Payment for the program. Student who withdraw after the Final Payment Deadline will not receive a refund of any payments they have made towards the program unless Truman State University cancels the program (see details in the Program Cancellation Policy below).

Program Cancellation Policy

The Center for International Education Abroad (CIEA) works for the success of all study abroad programs; however, it reserves the right to cancel any program at any time and for any reason it deems necessary for the good of the participants in the program or the interests of Truman State University. Generally, there are two situations under which a faculty-led study abroad program might be cancelled by CIEA. First, programs may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. This occurs when a program fails to reach the minimum number of confirmed participants by the Confirmation Payment Deadline or when other events lead a program to have to be cancelled before it is confirmed. Since program funds are never spent until the program is confirmed, participants in programs cancelled before or as of the Confirmation Payment Deadline will all receive a full refund of all program fees they have paid to that point. The second circumstance is cancellation due to unforeseeable circumstances after a program has been confirmed. While CIEA attempts to avoid cancellation wherever possible, there are certain times when it is unavoidable, such as global pandemic, changes in local conditions, or even if a large number of late withdrawals makes a program financially non-viable. Under these circumstances, CIEA will issue all participants a refund of all program fees which have not already been paid in non-refundable payments to a third party vendor. CIEA will do its best under such circumstances to recover all costs and mitigate any losses for students, but cannot guarantee a full refund. In the extremely rare event that a program were cancelled while in progress, the Executive Director for International Education in consultation with the VPAA, the Comptroller, and University Council would review the circumstances and make a determination regarding any refunds.

Student Dismissal Policy

Students who participate in faculty-led study abroad programs agree to conduct themselves in accordance with the Student Conduct Code, all related Truman Policies, and with all rules and expectations articulated on the Study Abroad Website, program webpage, or by their program director through the course syllabus, pre-departure orientations, and other handouts or communications. Students who fail to conduct themselves according to these standards may be subject to disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal from the program. When a student is dismissed from a faculty-led program they will not receive a refund of any program payments they have made. Additionally, such students will be liable for all expenses related to their early departure from the program and return home (including, for example, all flight change and transportation costs). Students who are expelled from their program will also receive an automatic failing grade for the the credits attempted on the program.

Study Abroad Office Information

While your instructor will be your primary point of contact for your program, the Study Abroad Office is here to help you navigate all the administrative and safety aspects of your study abroad experience. We can work with you, advocate for you, and help guide you as you complete all the various steps involved in study abroad. Schedule a meeting today through Calendlyemail, or calling (660) 785-4076.