Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Financial Aid Information for Study Abroad

Affordability is one of Truman’s core values and there are several ways to make international study an affordable option. With the help of Truman’s academic scholarships, federal financial aid and other financial assistance, a study abroad experience may be more attainable than you think. This is an investment that will pay you dividends for years to come. Take a look below for information regarding various forms of financial aid available to Truman students studying abroad:

If you have an academic scholarship at Truman State University, you can use it in most every case to cover the costs of your study abroad program. Please speak to the Financial Aid office to discuss your options. If you have an academic scholarship and are studying abroad, you need to complete and submit a Study Abroad Scholarship Renewal Form for your scholarship to apply and have your service hours requirement waived for the semester you are abroad.

Here’s a list of Truman Academic Scholarships

The Truman State University Foundation offers around $90,000 per year in scholarships to students who are studying abroad on faculty-led programs. Students applying for faculty-led programs will be automatically considered for Foundation scholarships when they complete their TruView Study Abroad application by the their program’s deadline. Individual awards typically range from $1,000 to $4,000.

A limited number of cultural loans may be authorized to encourage participation in “study abroad” programs. The maximum loan is the cost of the trip, minus other financial aid, but not more than $6,000. Cultural loans are available to students who meet the general eligibility requirements and, in addition, who meet at least one of the following standards: earned at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in courses taken at the University; or earned at least a 2.5 grade point average in foreign language courses taken at the University; or enrolled in a foreign language class at the University for which a “study abroad” experience is either required or strongly recommended.

Interest:   Five percent (5%) per annum on the unpaid principal balance, with interest to accrue from the date of the loan.

Service Charge:  None

Repayment:  Interest shall be payable quarterly each year until amortization payments of principal and interest are required.  Amortized payments of at least sixty dollars ($60) per month shall begin three months after a debtor student leaves the University through graduation, withdrawal, transfer, or any other reason.  The monthly payments shall be calculated to repay the loan in full, including both principal and interest, within three years after the payments commence.

Deferment of Repayment:  May be authorized by the Financial Aid Committee.

Third Party Guarantees:  Loans must be co-signed by two guarantors (normally the student’s parents) acceptable to the Financial Aid Committee.  If the student is married, then the student’s spouse must also guarantee the loan.

**Please talk with the financial aid office prior to filling out a Cultural Loan Application, as there are other options that may be more financially advantageous.**

Click here for the Cultural Loan Application and the Study Abroad Funding Sheet.

Federal Pell Grant Recipients are eligible for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship:

  • Receive up to $3,000 for a summer program
  • Receive up to $5,000 for a semester program
  • Receive up to $8,000 if you are planning on studying a critical need language while abroad

For more information on eligibility requirements and critical need languages, click here.

Learn more about the Gilman Scholarship from past recipients on campus!
Not sure how this scholarship will benefit you? Don’t worry. We have Gilman Scholarship recipients who can help answer any of your questions. Please contact our office and we will get you in touch with a previous Gilman Scholarship recipient from Truman State University.

Truman State University offers Pershing Scholars the opportunity to participate in one study-abroad program during their attendance at the University. This is an excellent chance to learn about life in another country while earning credit toward a degree. Truman State University will cover up to $4,000 toward the cost of the trip. The $4,000 can include tuition, room, board, books, airfare and other travel expenses incurred in getting to the University.

To receive the Pershing Scholarship Cultural Experience Stipend, a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be selected as a recipient of the Pershing Scholarship
  2. Be currently eligible for the Pershing Scholarship
  3. Be enrolled at Truman State University on an approved Truman study abroad program for credit

If the student meets the above criteria, then they must submit a completed Pershing Stipend Cultural Experience Application to the Center for International Education Abroad. This application includes the following required documentation:

  1. Academic Advisor’s confirmation by signature that this cultural trip will result in credits toward a degree at Truman
  2. The term in which the program takes place (Fall, Spring, May*, Summer)

*The stipend can be used during May interim on a case-by-case basis. Please note that the stipend is not eligible for use during the winter interim.

If your covered costs of the study abroad experience exceed the $4,000 allocated and you need additional financial assistance, you can discuss federal student loan or Truman State University cultural loan options with the Financial Aid Office.

Please click here for a list of scholarships provided by outside sources.

Please make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office as early as possible to accurately determine your financial aid situation and how it applies to the study abroad program you choose.

If you are NOT a Truman student, contact Truman’s Financial Aid Office or the Study Abroad Office at your home institution.

“Traveling (I only stayed within Europe) is a lot more affordable than I thought, so definitely see all you can while living abroad! Just make sure to budget in advance so you know how much you have to spend. Always budget more than you need; I spent more money than I expected, but it was worth it!”
—Alissa H., Studied Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

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