Learning how to travel affordably, efficiently, and safely is an important component of any study abroad experience. The following resources will help aid your transportation and lodging experiences.

Packing list

Useful Travel Apps

Eurail Passes

Student Universe (flights, hotels, and tours)

STA Travel (student and youth travel company)

EasyJet (Affordable European Air Travel)

Government Resources

The U.S. government provides a variety of educational resources for individuals traveling. These resources include country profiles, safety information, and general travel resources (documentation, insurance, STEP program).

Country and Regional Profiles (academic year dates, holidays, exam periods, and more).

Health and Safety Information (sign up for travel advisory alerts and the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program)

Traveler’s Checklist

Budgeting for your study abroad experiences heavily depends on the duration and cost of living in your program location. Use the resources provided in order to accurately calculate your budget, learn how to manage money abroad, and find information about filing taxes.

Budget Calculator

Money Management Abroad

Filing Taxes Abroad

Budgeting Tips

Creative Fundraising Tips

Federal Scholarships and Aid

The U.S. government provides a variety of financial resources for students studying abroad. Use the resources below to explore scholarships, programs, and grants which may apply to you.

Federal Aid for International Education

Federal Scholarships and Grants

Foreign Government Scholarships


Safety is one of our primary concerns. Look through the following resources to ensure that you know how to access healthcare, regional safety profiles, and sexual health information. 

Health Abroad  (Medical Emergency Card, health insurance, prescription medication information, vaccinations)

Truman Travel Advisory Policy and Travel Advisory Policy Exception Form

CDC Destination Reviews

Country Security/Safety Information

Sexual Health Abroad

Resources for Women Abroad

Our office supports and accommodates students of all backgrounds. It is important to consider how components of your identity may interact with your study abroad experience. The following information provides general information and reflection for LGBTQ+ travelers, individuals with disabilities, racial minorities, and religious students.

LGBTQ+ Traveler Resources and Questions to Consider

Americans with Disabilities Study Abroad

Dietary Restrictions Abroad

Race and Ethnicity Abroad

Religion and Spirituality Abroad

Studying abroad is a transformative experience for many of our students. Students are encouraged to push past their comfort zone, experience new perspectives, and embrace new challenges and opportunities. We encourage you to explore the following materials in order to support your student and help them prepare for their time abroad.

USA Study Abroad Resources

Parents’ Guide to Study Abroad

Learn About Re-Entry