Communication Disorders Experience in Mexico

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A communication disorders immersion and cultural experience providing oral-motor and hearing screenings, language-based activities, feeding screenings and education, as well as early intervention and pre-literacy caregiver training and education. All students will rotate through 4 sites: a “Pop-Up” clinic, a daycare for children with severe disabilities, an orphanage, and a special needs school all located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Students and faculty will reside in a hostel during the experience. Two cultural excursions will be included within the day trip. Students earn clinical clock hours (a degree & certification requirement) via supervised clinical activities requiring licensed and supervised SLP/faculty. Pricing will be published when the program is approved. Please contact the program director or the Study Abroad Office for more information.

Where You’ll Go*

Below is the itinerary from last year’s program. Some events and dates will be modified for this coming year, but this list is provided to give you a better idea of the types of experiences you can anticipate:

  • Saturday, May 16th: Arrive at Puerto Vallarta, tour the Boardwalk
  • Sunday, May 17th: Zip-Line Canopy Tour
  • Monday, May 18th: 2 clinical rotations, educational presentation #1, walking cultural tour
  • Tuesday, May 19th: 2 clinical rotations
  • Wednesday, May 20th: 2 clinical rotations, educational presentation #2, BBQ
  • Thursday, May 21st: 2 clinical rotations, educational presentation #3, PRIDE Parade
  • Friday, May 22nd: Cultural music festival on the Boardwalk
  • Saturday, May 23rd: Boat/Cruise/Snorkel
  • Sunday, May 24th: Arrive back to St. Louis

*Please remember that this itinerary is tentative and subject to change. More details will be shared as they become available.

What You’ll Study

Course Name: Communication Disorders Experience in Mexico
Course Number: MEX 510
Credits: 3.0
Prerequisites: CMDS 380: Principals of Clinical Management & clinical assistant one semester; or CMDS 480; or CMDS Graduate School status
Degree Fulfillments: Satisfies LSP Intercultural Competency Requirement
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Course Objectives

International service learning makes a unique contribution to building global awareness, global partnerships and world peace. The purpose of the study abroad program is to enable CMDS students to expand the clinical skills they are learning in the class room to real life international applications and to work in a cross-cultural environment. In partnership with the orphanages, school, and day care facility, Truman CMDS students and faculty will provide service with the people of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico while learning about Mexican social, cultural, historical, economic, political and religious history, and present day reality. Students will enjoy the following benefits from the experience:

  • Cultural international exposure – a rich international experience designed to significantly enhance students’ academic life at Truman State University
  • Vision of how they can make a difference in the world
  • Direct application of their education in an unconventional setting
  • Opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise
  • Learn to work as a team and collaborate as a group
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Professor-student mentored learning – the opportunity to build close connections with other members of the University community (instructors and other students).
  • A small-class educational environment that will facilitate cross-cultural learning and that will add to the diversity of their academic experience (this diversity may exist as a result of self-guided study, inquiry-based activities, interdisciplinary approaches, and/or language immersion).

Course Requirements

  • Submit an application and statement of interest and objectives
  • Attend preparatory meetings
  • Read all assigned material
  • Select a presentation topic and group to gather preliminary information
  • Keep a daily journal during the trip
  • Participate in the reflective learning process while on the trip
  • Participate in all in-country events
  • Expand upon presentation topic through on-site interviews and recording observations
  • Using your preliminary research and information gathered while on the trip; create a Power Point presentation with your group to present fall 2020

Course Readings

What Students Say

“GO ON THE TRIP!!!!! It’s an amazing cultural and learning experience. My favorite part was having my first conversation in Spanish with a local.”

Madison Rozycki, Communication Disorders Major, Class of 2019

Your Instructor

Andrea Richards
Clinical Instructor | HS 2245

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