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Please Note: Program not available for the summer and fall 2022 terms.


A major objective of the Salzburg College program is the integration of classroom study and on-site experience. Small classes held in English and a dedicated faculty enhance the individual learning process. Close to 8,000 students from over 400 American colleges and universities have attended the institution.

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night scene of Salzburg Austria

Salzburg is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With a population of about 150,000, Salzburg is situated in the heart of Europe on the northern edge of the eastern Alps right at the Austrian-German border. Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the city still mirrors in its historical center — a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site – more than a thousand years of European history and culture. Its rich and vibrant cultural heritage is reflected in concerts, festivals and a great variety of events throughout the year.


Students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits (3 courses). Most students enroll in a full time load of 15 credits (4 courses). Students must complete a Course Substitution Form in order for courses to transfer back as LSP, major, or minor credits at Truman.

Students are required to take one German language course AND one of the following courses : The European Experience: History, Politics, and Culture; Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding; Austrian History, Politics, Society & Culture


  • Art & Photography
  • Business
  • Communication
  • European Studies
  • German Language and Culture
  • Music
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As a complement to the academic program, students take day trips to nearby towns, including both the lake and mountain district. Students participating on the Sport Abroad program will have a 3-day excursion to Vienna, Austria’s historical capital, which will provide a broad range of experiences related to history, art, music, and modern life in Europe.

Students can join a ‘buddy system’, a joint project of Salzburg College and the University of Salzburg, allowing SC students to be linked up to Austrian students and thus facilitating the process of social integration. Salzburg College students are also invited to participate in the University of Salzburg sports offerings. There are lots of extra-curricular activities, such as hiking, climbing, winter sports, and cooking.


Students can choose between home-stay with an Austrian family or living in a carefully selected university dormitory. Housing assignments are based on interviews conducted during the initial field trip through Bavaria. Becoming part of an Austrian host family or joining Austrian students in a dormitory allows Salzburg College students to learn to understand Austrian customs and values first hand. This is a particularly rewarding aspect of studying at Salzburg College.

Salzburg Housing


Study Abroad Administration Fee: $600

Study Abroad Program Fee: $9659.00

Includes: Tuition for 12 credit hours, course related excursions and guest lectures, social activities and events

Study Abroad Housing Fee: $3,963.00

Including: Accommodation in dormitory or host family, weekday lunches while program is in session

Study Abroad Insurance Fee: $152

Calculated at $38.00 per month x 1 month


International Airfare: $1,500

Passport & Visa Costs: $325

Including: US Passport ($145) and Austrian Student Visa ($180)

Books & Academic Supplies: $100.00

Food: $500.00

Personal Expenses: $1,250.00


Term: Spring 2020  Application Deadline: October 15,2019

Program Dates: January 2020 – May 2020

Term: Fall 2020   Application Deadline: March 15, 2020

Program Dates: September 2020 – December 2020


Students must have a cumulative 2.7 GPA or higher, be in good standing with the university, and have at least sophomore standing.

This program is open to all majors.


  • Apply through TruView. Under your Student Tab, click on “Apply to Study Abroad.” When prompted, select which term and “I am enrolling in a semester or summer program…” and on the next screen, select “Salzburg College” from the program drop down. After that, you’ll be prompted to complete a faculty recommendation, a statement of purpose, and some emergency information and waivers.
  • Submit Additional Materials and Check Your Status on TruView. Once you have submitted your application, you can go to TruView to view your application status. Immediately after submission, your application status will be “Submitted, Awaiting Review.” After your application has been reviewed by the study abroad office, you will receive an email from the Study Abroad office with your next steps. Your status will be updated to “Reviewed, Awaiting Materials” and a list of additional required materials will appear in TruView. Use this list to track what steps you need to complete.