Costa Rica Summer


This is an 8-week program of complete linguistic and cultural immersion, based in San Jose, Costa Rica, where each student stays with a host family. Students take four courses (12 hours of credit total) at the Costa Rica Language Academy (CRLA), in grammar and composition, conversation, Latin American culture and civilization, and Costa Rican literature, taught by both Truman professors and CRLA professors. As part of this program, students also have many opportunities to travel and experience weekend excursions to bio-diverse sites such as Monteverde, arsenal, and Tortuguero. Experience trips to volcanoes, hot springs, colonial-era churches, zip lining, waterfalls, crocodile tour, and end the trip in the relaxing beach in Manuel Antonio.

Where You’ll Go (May 2020 Plans)*

  • Saturday, May 16th: Departure from each student’s hometown / flight(s) to San José, Costa Rica; Afternoon arrival in San José / Meet Dr. Sendón and Dr. Tornatore at the airport / Transfer to host families via chauffer service provided by CRLA
  • Sunday, May 17th: Rest and unpack; spend time getting to know CR host families; explain how to arrive to CRLA either by bus or walking
  • Monday, May 18th: Leave in the morning accompanied by CR host families to the CRLA; orientation conducted by CRLA staff
  • May 18th-21st: First week of classes; each instructor discusses the syllabus, text, requirements, and begins instruction. Tours will also be discussed
  • May 22nd-July 9th: Main program. Participate in classes. Experience various weekend trips and cultural visits throughout.
  • Friday, July 10th: Free day to pack and get ready to leave; final family time
  • Saturday, July 11th: Flights home

In addition, students participate in the native culture daily by living with a host family, by taking educational field trips to various parts of the country, including four (4) different trips on the weekend (Arenal, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, and Tortuguero), plus three (3) local cultural visits (city tour of San José, surrounding museums, and Irazú Volcano, Orosi Valley, Lankaster Gardens, and by taking part in many other group activities.

The total number of contact hours that students have while in Costa Rica is two hundred ten (210) classroom hours, eighty-plus (80+) additional hours of instructional touring, and approximately forty-plus (40+) additional hours of free time on tours.

*Please remember that this itinerary is tentative and subject to change. More details will be shared as they become available.

What You’ll Study

Course Name: Costa Rica Summer
Courses: SA CR 300

  • SPAN 330 – Spanish Grammar & Composition
  • SPAN 340 – Spanish Conversation
  • SPAN 353 – Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 363 – Latin American Culture & Civilization
  • SPAN 440 – Spanish Conversation
  • SPAN 450 – Spanish Grammar & Composition

*Placement testing is done by the Costa Rica Language Academy (CRLA)
Credits: 12.0
Pre-Requisites: SPAN 202 – Intermediate Spanish II
Degree Fulfillments: Satisfies the Intercultural Competency LSP requirement, students can bring back up to 9 hours towards a Spanish Minor and 6 hours towards a Spanish Major

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What You’ll Pay (May 2020 Costs)


Study Abroad Enrollment Fee: $3,894.00

Calculated at $324.50 per credit x 12 credits

Study Abroad Course Fee: $216.00

Calculated at $18.00 per credit x 12 credits

Study Abroad Insurance Fee: $38.00

Calculated at $38.00 per month x 2 months

Study Abroad Travel Fee: $2,218.00

Including: Group Excursions, Contingency Fund, and Instructor Costs (NOTE: International Airfare is NOT included in Travel Fee**)

Study Abroad Housing Fee: $2,549.00

Including: Room and Board at Home Stays, CRLA Classroom, Instruction, and Lunch Costs

*All pricing is TENTATIVE PRICING ONLY. These prices are only an estimate of this program’s cost at the current time. This price will be updated and finalized only after additional details and pricing for various aspects of the trip have been confirmed by the Center for International Education Abroad.

**NOTE: International Airfare is NOT included in Travel Fee, the estimated cost for this flight is an additional $500-$800.




Early Deposit*



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*Early deposit is required for consideration for Foundation Scholarships. Early Deposits received before 11/15/2019 will be refundable until 1/17/2020.

What Students Say

“This is a great program for those going on their first study abroad trip. [The Costa Rica Language Academy] is extremely accommodating and put in a lot of work to make your trip successful and fun.”

Mikaela Szwargulski, Business Administration Major, Class of 2021

“I never expected it when I left for Costa Rica, but this trip has changed my life. My Spanish skills have improved exponentially, but, more importantly, my eyes have been opened to a new culture. It’s hard to believe, but I did all of this while making new friends and exploring the natural beauties of the country.”

Anna Hess, Communication Disorders Major, Class of 2020

“If you are thinking about going on the Costa Rica Summer Program, stop thinking about it and apply! It will be two of the most transformative and incredible months of your life. You will be able to learn so much about the culture, language, and people while having the time of your life. It is truly an experience of a lifetime!”

Sammy Garrett, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, Class of 2020