Application Checklist

Every program offered through Truman has its own unique application process, so our office is here to guide you through the process.

Since every program’s application process is unique, we ask all students to begin their application process by talking to a study abroad advisor. To get an appointment, email, call our office at (660) 785-4076, or stop in and see us at Baldwin Hall 106. We highly recommend meeting with us in-person before beginning any application steps. Your advisor will help you get started in the right direction.

Once you notify your advisor which program you’d like to apply for, they will send you information about where to access your application as well as any supplemental materials or steps you will need to complete.

Your most current official academic transcript must be requested from the Registrar’s Office. If you are a Truman student, you can request for the Registrar to send a copy of your transcripts directly to the Center for International Education Abroad free of charge if you go in person.

Our office requires a copy of the picture page of your passport to be on file here. If you do not have a passport for international travel, apply to receive one as soon as possible. You can email a copy to or bring your passport to our office and have us scan it. Even if you are considering going abroad in a year or two, apply for your passport now so you won’t run into trouble later.
Most programs will require two recommendations from your professors. Start talking to your professors early on about your plans to study abroad and give them plenty of notice when you ask them to complete one for you. At least one recommendations should be from a professor in your major. Students planning to study in a foreign language should also have at least one of their recommenders speak to their language proficiency. Your study abroad advisor will let you know how your recommenders will be contacted and what forms they will need to complete, as this varies from program to program.

In order to have your Truman academic scholarship to apply and have your service hour requirement waived for your semester abroad, you need to complete and submit a Study Abroad Scholarship Renewal form. You can access this by logging on to TruView and going to the student tab. Then under the Student Finances menu select the Scholarship, Financial Aid & Loans submenu. Then select Renew Scholarship Online. Select Renew Scholarship Online again on the next page and then select the aid year. Agree to the items on the Student Employment Policy page. Then under Effective Term select the term you will be studying abroad and then in the options below select Study Abroad. Then select continue and this will provide you with the renewal form for you to complete.

Truman students need to complete their registration agreement on TruView for the semester they will be abroad. The student will not register for classes for the semester abroad at Truman State. Students traveling abroad are responsible, though, for registering for their classes through the host institution. Our office will register each student that is studying abroad in a “place holder” class that will be replaced with your courses and grades once we receive your transcript from your host institution after the completion of your program. If you are not a Truman student, you need to submit a hard copy of the registration agreement .

If you are hoping to have credit from your study abroad experience count towards your major or minor, you need to find syllabi for courses you are interested in and meet with your academic advisor or department chair to determine which major/minor requirements these courses can meet. If you are hoping to have credit from your study abroad experience count towards your Liberal Studies Program (LSPs) requirements, you need to do the same except you need to meet with the registrar instead of your academic advisor. We advise you do this process before you leave so you won’t be abroad and not have your courses substitute in the way you wished they would upon return. The language department has specific “pre-approval” course forms to fill out before leaving on your trip. Once you return from your program and have your grades submitted from the host university, you must complete and submit a Substitution Form for the courses from your trip to count towards your major/minor or LSPs.

For many locations, you will need to apply for a student visa. You will receive instructions from the host institution if you need a student visa. Though we can help students in the visa application process, applying for visas is not a service that our office provides. Please allow sufficient time for your visa to be processed so you can arrive to your program on time.
All students who study abroad are required to attend a pre-departure orientation.  You will be notified of the date and location via email after your application has been approved.

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